Vesaro Virtual Reality Motion Simulators With Oculus Rift Technology

Posted on August 7, 2013

We are now testing the new Virtual Reality technology for use with our simulators in static and full motion setup.  Initial testing is a great success and the experience is nothing short of breath taking.  Currently testing with the developer kit which is not representative of the final product, the consumer product is said to feature full HD resolution.  We are looking forward to offer this as part of our offering.

Currently testing Codemasters Dirt 3 and Iracing both to great effect, this takes the In car view to a whole new dimension, in Dirt 3 the experience of looking down to your right foot in the virtual display, pressing your real foot on the accelerator and seeing the digital animation mimicked has to be experience to be believed, looking down at your virtual body fully kitted out in race attire, your virtual arms moving as you rotate the wheel or change gear, looking to your right to see your co driver reading the pace notes...   Testing in Iracing we pulled out of the pits and can now turn your head to your right to check for cars passing the pit lane or on a spin out being able to easily turn your head to check for cars coming to enable safe re-entry to the track, just a few of the practical benefits on top of the overall immersion achieved using this technology.


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