Vesaro Showroom update

A few more shots of the new Vesaro showroom, still some work to go, several more simulators to install yet from our range and some more finishing touches to add around the place.

The new showroom totals 5500 sf of space including our new dedicated office area where we can focus on the design, engineering and sales of the simulators, with a massive 4500 sf of space currently dedicated to showcasing our showroom models.

This new addition to Vesaro connects directly to our warehouse, workshop, parts and assembly areas which total 8000sf and our separate product photography studio of 1000 sf, the total facility is 14500 sf giving us the space needed to build and deliver simulators quickly and efficiently and showcase a much larger portion of our growing range of products.

With this new space we have also expanded our support area to a dedicated office space and team enabling us to continue and improve our support. Installed and completed a new 1000sf paint shop increasing our capacity and quality. Increased the size of our assembly area affording more space to each build and the addition of several more build bays. Our warehouse has been increased to a dedicated 4000sf space allowing us to stock a far higher quantity of simulators and associated parts further increasing our responsiveness to meet increased demand and short deadlines. A new dedicated 1000sf electronics parts storage area further increasing storage and organisation for our controls, motion and PC computer components and also the addition of a dedicated computer build area.

This new and continued growth for Vesaro and the imminent launch of the Showroom marks an exciting time for Vesaro, where in just our 5th year our business has grown 15 times larger than our first year in both sales and the size of Vesaro HQ and the Vesaro operation.




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