The Vesaro 195 – World first triple 65 inch curved display

Vesaro is proud to announce another groundbreaking product and yet another world’s first, always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible by integrating the latest cutting edge tech into our simulators.  This new model will be shown in a flight setup at this years World Skills show and have its first TV appearance in a racing setup with the 195 Pro on channel 5’s gadget show this christmas.  We will be posting videos of the product in action soon, in the mean time check out this very quick teaser(shot on an iphone) the Vesaro 195 teaser

More about “The Vesaro 195”

The ultimate setup for professional training, your games room or commercial entertainment centre, with racing in various styles of motorsport, from F1 to GT, Rally Cross to Gymkhana, the Vesaro 195 takes simulation and gaming to a whole new level.

The Vesaro 195 includes the worlds first 65 inch Triple Curved display setup offering a massive 195 inches of screen curving around your seating position for an immersive experience that will leave you breathless. This setup provides 1:1 scale cars and cockpit without the need to scale up or zoom in the field of view, this results in the full car or dashboard being shown without cutting off the sides.  Sitting in a full size car also enables more accurate on track driving with an accurately scaled track width in relation to the car and cockpit scale.  Small monitors might have a slightly faster response time but this is overshadowed by the training benefits offered by 1:1 scale visuals without the normal comprises.  Tested by professional racing drivers from the swedish Motorsport team the benefits of this 1:1 scale view promoted the response of “This is the best simulation experience we have tested to date”

The Vesaro 195 pushes the envelope with optional DBOX motion technology, a choice of 1.5, 3 or 6 inches of motion travel taking the range of movement to a new level of extreme realism.

Powered by our range of custom built Vesaro PC’s, leading the pack and at the heart of the 195 Pro extreme setup is our Level 4 Extreme PC ensuring the visuals sent to the three Curved displays are performing at their best, powered by the latest AMD Radeon 295 X2 Dual GPU Water cooled graphics card and packed with powerful industry leading components.

The 195 features versatile force feedback controls with the 195 Pro featuring a commercial grade control system offering military grade ultra realistic racing wheel and a heavy duty pedal system giving an authentic race pedal feel.  Both wheel and pedals are fully adjustable for perfect positioning and to compliment the wheel and pedal the system includes a combined Sequential and H Pattern shifter which can be switched between the two modes at the flick of a switch. This combined with the paddle shifters enables the system to suit all car types. To further enhance the versatility of the system we have included a quick release system allowing you switch between two momo racing wheels, GT and Formula style.

A 5.1 THX audio system provides unbelievable acoustics and a cutting edge tactile feedback system provides the feeling of the engine, road and impacts through your body for an authentic and immersive feeling.

  • Vesaro I industrial strength racing chassis
  • Static rig or a Two to Four actuator 1.5 to 6 inch DBOX motion setup
  • Advanced Tactile feedback system
  • Cobra Vesaro Signature Evolution Pro GT seat or choice of 3 other seats.
  • High end force feedback racing controls with GT and Formula Rim
  • Professional racing pedals giving an authentic racing pedal feel
  • 5.1 THX certified surround sound audio
  • Triple Curved 65 inch surround visuals
  • Custom built ultra high end Water Cooled Vesaro PC system or choice from our range of high end PC’s
  • Price starts at – £21,762.00
  • Model shown below – The Vesaro 195 – £41,853
  • The Vesaro 195 Pro – £45,181
  • The Vesaro 195 Pro Extreme  – £49,278

Part of our modular system allowing complete versatility on the options to make up the system

Prices exclude VAT/Tax and shipping.  Systems are Self Assembly, TurnKey options available



Vesaro Gadget Show Live with LG

Vesaro teamed up with tech giant LG for the Gadget Show Live in London with a Triple 47″ LG cinema TV setup on our full motion racing simulator. Gadget Show TV presenter Jason Bradbury did several laps of Spa and made it on the leader board.

We hit the show in full force with an additional full motion system running Dirt 3 on the Overclockers stand given visitors to the show a broad experience of Vesaro simulators with both F1 and rally setups available to try out.

Here are some photos form our stand at the Gadget show Live 2012 in the UK.  We had an amazing response with queues of up to 50 people 8 hours straight for 6 days solid, we estimate that around 1400 people got to demo our full motion simulators.


Vesaro on Channel4 with Sky F1 TV Presenters

Vesaro d-box motion rig featured on Channel 4 TV show with Sky F1 presenters Natalie Pinkham and Georgie Thompson. Some decent driving by Natalie considering she had no training or practice and was wearing high heels

Vesaro Advanced Simulation Promo Video

Promo video introducing the Vesaro system and demonstration the Vesaro D-Box motion system in action with some driving action in an indy car on iracing.

Configuration shown in the video features the following modules, Vesaro motion system, Buttkicker Advance Tactile Feedback system, Cobra evolution Pro Seat, Fanatec Porsche wheel, Fanatec Clubsport Pedals, Thrustmaster TH8RS shifter


Fanatec CSR Elite Wheel support

The Fanatec CSR Elite wheel is fully supported on the Vesaro rig system with pre-drilled holes. See picture below showing the wheel one of our Black motion rigs. This setup is also using the Fanatec Clubsport pedals.


Vesaro Detailed Features list

We have compiled a breakdown of the Vesaro system features:

Commercial grade simulator construction.

Lazer cut and tig welded mild steel/Stainless steel construction.

Choice of Semi Gloss powder coat or mirror finish polished stainless steel.

Custom bespoke design and fabrication to suit your needs.

Fully adjustable pedal plate using a slide runner system

Pedal adjustment features quick release & locking function for easy repositioning.

Adjustable pedal plate angle for total flexibility.

Fully adjustable seating position using a quick release slider system.

Adjustable seating height position.

Choice of Left or Right gearstick arm position or choose no gearstick at all if you prefer to use the paddle shifters for gearchanges.

Professional racing seats from world class seat maker Cobra, choices include the Cobra Monoco Pro, Cobra Misano S recliner and the Cobra Evolution Pro.

Buttkicker Advance wireless and the Buttkicker BKA300 Amplifier for a fully immersive tactile feedback experience using our custom designed tactile feedback bracket system.

THX Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound audio plus our surround sound bracket system. Optical input for the best reproduction quality of surround sound.

Support for the Logitech G25 & G27, Fanatec and Thrustmaster T500RS wheel and pedal sets. Other wheel and pedals sets also supported.

Single and triple display stands with adjustable distance from the seating position using an intelligent design that allows the framework to move over the top of the rig with the support structure below the rig.

Mouse pad holder bracket and Keyboard holder bracket for PC use or can be used as general multipurpose platform.

D-Box Motion physics system A Multi-Sensorial Revolution Motion editing is a new artform, a new sophisticated discipline where art meets technology meets gaming. It leads to the rise of MFX, a multi-sensorial revolution in gaming. Action becomes motion. Sounds become motion. Events become motion. Brace yourself for an entirely new, unforgettably immersive experience. All of this is made possible by the patented, award-winning technology. Only D-BOX offers MFX using 3 types of intelligent movement (subtle pitch, roll and heave) to move you gently forwards and backwards, from side to side and up & down. Combine that with the D-BOX-encoded intelligent vibrations and it all comes together to create the most amazing, all-encompassing simulation experience ever.

Vesaro dedicated sim PC systems – custom designed and built for advanced simulation and extreme gaming. Our hybrid water/air cooled systems use only the best industry leading components and are designed to ensure future proof compatibility with the Vesaro motion system and triple display setups. Every system supports triple display output at high resolution and comes pre configured for the Vesaro motion systems D-Box motion code. In addition all systems come with digital optical audio ensuring true digital surround sound when linked to the 5.1 surround sound audio systems that are available with our rigs. Wireless networking/broadband connectivity also ensures that your Vesaro rig is not tied down.

Vesaro PC systems come with 3 months membership or credit to

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