A great video by VVV gamer about the Vesaro rig

Alan Boiston from Veni Vidi Vici came down to try out our black d-box motion rig for a several hour long session on Iracing and C.A.R.S

Quote from VVV

“Over recent years racing rigs and steering wheels have improved no end. Now Vesaro are entering this competitive market and intend to raise the bar on the premium end of the spectrum. Inviting me to their studio I play on one of the prototype models and get a feel for their initial rig with full D-Box and Buttkicker intergration. Suffice to say it’s a powerful and effective experience, the heavy duty contruction combined with high quality wheel and Cobra racing seat make for an authentic and rough ride with the seat offering up to 2-g’s of force. A lot of fun and certainly one for iRacing fans. “

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