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Switch panel which can be used to control various functions of your aircraft.
Price: £699.00
Flight Controls - Switch Panel Pro
Flight Controls - Switch Panel Pro
Product Details

  • Aircraft-grade Duralumin Mechanics
  • Wide Range of Configurable Inputs
  • Button Inlay Sticker Sheets Included
  • Programmable LED Lighting
  • 12 x Customisable RGB Momentary Buttons
  • 6 x Momentary Toggle Switches (ON-OFF-ON) 
  • 2 x Latched Toggle Switches (ON-ON) 
  • 2 x Flip Cover Toggle Switches
  • 3 x Encoder Dials (+ Push)
  • 2 x Axis Dials
The Control Panel features 12 x RGB momentary buttons with a transparent cap which can be removed to inset your own button inlays - perfect for labelling your controls! Sticker inlay sheets are included with the Control Panel to assist with labelling your buttons functions

·  Includes Mounting bracket for your Vesaro simulator