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McLaren Sports Series - Tier 4, featuring an authentic McLaren wheel rim and fully electric McLaren seat, combined with our McLaren specific simulator frame and featuring 3 actuator 1.5 inch D-BOX motion technology with 3 point intelligent Tactile Feedback, high end direct drive force feedback system, on-board fully integrated 5 speaker audio system with low profile subwoofer, fully integrated on-board computer, custom dashboard, professional pedals, triple curved 48 inch visuals and full Plug and Play factory assembly.
Standard Features
Chassis: Vesaro I Chassis
McLaren Seats: McLaren Sports Electric Seat
GT Seat Position Conversion System (M): Vesaro I Modular GTF Conversion Kit
McLaren Wheel Rims: McLaren Wheel Rim
McLaren Simulator Dash Boards: McLaren Pro Controls Dashboard
Pedals: Pro Control V-Spec Pedals - Black Edition
Audio: Integrated Audio System - 5 Speaker On-Board Audio
Chassis Storage (M): Pedal Under Tray Storage system
Motion Systems: Vesaro Tri Motion 1.5
Level 3 Wheel Base: Pro Controls Wheel Base V-Spec
Vesaro PC Systems: Vesaro PC On-Board Super
PC Racing Software - Personal Use: Software - Personal Use - Assetto Corsa
McLaren Display Stands: Triple Display Stand
McLaren TV Range: Triple Display Screen 48 Inch Ultra 4K LED TV - Curved
McLaren Accessories: Cable, Adapter & Power Kit
McLaren Accessories: Combined Event Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Assembly Type: Plug and Play Factory Assembly
Shipping Transport Crates: Wooden Shipping Crate - Large
Vesaro Support: Vesaro Free Support
Price: £43,349.00
McLaren Sports Series - Tier 4
McLaren Sports Series - Tier 4
Product Details

The McLaren Sports Series simulators embody the engineering and design of the McLaren Sports vehicle range, bringing subtle design elements and authentic components from the cars into an existing award winning world class simulator system.  This combination of leading simulation technology and McLaren's pioneering design and engineering have resulted in a unique collaboration and a world first for the simulation industry.

The McLaren Simulators are designed under an exclusive license in collaboration with the design team at the McLaren Technology Centre, Woking.  The simulators have been through a vigorous testing and approval process headed up by the chief test driver for McLaren automotive.

The simulator uses authentic components taken directly from the McLaren vehicles themselves, ensuring the highest quality and most authentic McLaren experience possible.  One of these key components is the steering wheel; a genuine McLaren production wheel as used in models such as the 570S.  The wheel also incorporates the same paddle shifters, replicating the paddle shift gear-change feeling and solidifying the link between simulator and car 

Includes a fully electric adjustable seat with the full range of adjustments available in the car, including lumber support, height, distance and recline functions. This allows the user to obtain the perfect seating position and ultimate comfort for the McLaren simulated experience.

The simulator includes a professional direct drive force feedback steering system, cutting edge D-BOX motion technology, on-board integrated audio, on-board integrated computer, tactile feedback, software providing real-world circuits from across the globe and a wide range of virtual McLaren vehicles to drive.

The motion technology offers full Heave, Pitch and Roll movement, as well as multi position intelligent tactile feedback vibrations. The motion provides full recreation of the suspension and vehicle movements of the real McLaren vehicles and the intelligent vibration creates the tactile sensations of the road feel, engine vibration and other tactile sensations.

The on-board integrated audio system utlises a low profile subwoofers discreetly located underneath the seat and audio amplifiers built directly into the simulator.  This type of audio solution provides the most discreet and streamlined solution with no components plugged in separately from the simulator.

Complimenting the sleek and streamlined approach to the design, the simulators include fully integrated on-board computer systems to power the various electronic systems.  This provides the customer with a clean and smart setup in their home and an easy installation with systems ready to go out of the box.  Just plug in the power and start it up!

The simulator is compact in design and require nothing more than two standard household plug sockets, making them ideal for any home without the need for any special power requirements.

Includes a 2 year warranty with 7 days per week telephone support, remote PC login support and a full restore PC image backup.

"Through this unique collaboration of two pioneering British companies, we have created a range of simulators that set the standard for virtual recreation of high performance driving" quoted Nevil Slade, CEO of Vesaro Limited

Unboxed dimensions:

Width : 257 cm
Length : 190 cm
Height : 132 cm

Power Requirements

2 x Standard 13 amp Household Plug Socket

Internet Requirements

An internet connection is required for online multiplayer racing and to allow Vesaro to provide remote PC login support

No internet connection is required for offline Solo racing or against the computer controlled AI