SKU: 002855
Weight: 25 kg
Vesaro PC Level 5 X-Spec to accommodate up to 6 HD screens or 3 screens in 4K
Price: £6,999.00
Vesaro PC Level 5 X-Spec
Vesaro PC Level 5 X-Spec
Product Details
Compact X-Spec edition PC supporting up to 5 displays or triple 4K.

Compact Triple display and VR ready PC custom built in house by Vesaro including a completely bespoke Vesaro case designed specifically for Vesaro simulators. 

Every system supports up to 5 displays output at 5760 x 1080 three times Full HD resolution or triple 4K and comes pre configured for the Vesaro motion systems D-Box motion code(for systems configured with motion) 
  • Gigabyte Intel B660I AORUS PRO DDR4
  • Intel Core i9 12900k
  • Corsair LPX 64GB (2x32GB) 3000mhz
  • 80 Plus Gold Rated 1000W+ ATX PSU
  • Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti
  • Vesaro Node Chassis
  • 240mm AiO Watercooler
  • 1TB Samsung 970 Evo Gen 4
  • Windows 10 64 Bit Home

 (PC Specs last updated 06/04/2022)

Alternative components of a similar specification may be substituted depending upon availability

- Vesaro Motion system ready - D-BOX Motion Code Software installed and optimized for the Vesaro rig (For motion enabled configurations)

- Motion code installed for any included games/sims and tuned and optimized for the Vesaro rig (For motion enabled configurations)

- Drivers installed & Configured for all included control systems

- Control systems configured and setup for all included games/sims

- Graphics optimized and tuned for optimum frame rate and quality for any included games/sims

- Full image backup external 500gb HD allowing full software restore to the day you received your system.

- 2 Year Parts & Labour RTB Warranty