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Vesaro PC Systems

Vesaro PC systems are custom designed and built for advanced simulation and extreme gaming.  Our custom Vesaro built systems use only the best industry leading components and are designed to ensure future proof compatibility with the Vesaro simulation system.  We do not use cheap components to try and compete on price with PC builder companies, our systems use only the best components tailored to provide the ultimate performance and reliability for simulation based use.

Our systems are designed with a minimalist stylish design.  If you prefer you can opt for an "Illuminate" version which includes a full LED lighting kit and internal case design to showcase the internal components of the PC.

All of our PC's use a dual chamber PC case allowing full integration of the simulators power systems and electronics.  Our TurnKey simulators will include full integration of the simulators power and electronics into the dual chamber system providing an ultra clean and simple design with a single power plug exiting the PC for the entire simulator.

Every system supports triple display output at Full HD 1080p resolution and comes pre configured for the Vesaro motion systems D-Box motion code.  In addition all systems come with digital optical audio ensuring true digital surround sound when linked to the  5.1 surround sound audio systems that are available with our rigs.  Wireless networking/broadband connectivity also ensure that your Vesaro rig is not tied down.
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