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About Us

Who are we?

Vesaro is a British Design and Manufacturing company, established in 2011, with its Headquarters in the heart of Kent, England.

Vesaro started with humble beginnings, with the first Vesaro chassis being designed and welded in the CEO's Garage. Today, Vesaro occupies 5 Industrial Units, spanning 30,000 square footage in the Garden of England.

What do we do?

We design, engineer and build some of the world's most Advanced Racing & Flight simulators for professional driver training, entertainment and commercial use.


What we can do/what are our capabilities?

A dedicated in-house Design Team work together with our R&D Team to envision and realise our offering, utilising Autodesk Inventor 3D CAD software to engineer our simulation solutions ready for manufacture.

The Vesaro factory allows for the complete manufacturing and assembly of our designed products and includes the following suite of machines and equipment:

  • Laser cutter, capable of cutting 20mm thick mild steel as well as box section to incredible degrees of accuracy

  • Powder Coating Booth & Ovens

  • Brake Press that is capable of producing meticulous folds

  • Tube press

  • Wire Cutter

  • Plotter Cutter

Our Computer & Electronics Department builds our bespoke Vesaro PC’s and make various electronic components.

3 dedicated assembly spaces bring all the pieces together. Assembly and calibration is then followed by a quality control and packaging procedure.


Our products


At the core of the majority of our range of products, is the iconic Vesaro I chassis, which has retained its fundamental shape and design for the past 13 years. As the foundation of the entirety of our modular series of simulators, the majority of our product range is built upon the Vesaro I chassis, including our commemorative Vesaro TEN, our extremely popular Professional Racing Simulators as well as our Flight Series.


Our primary modular offering is as listed:




  • Vesaro I
  • Vesaro I VR
  • Vesaro I Professional
  • Vesaro I Professional VR
  • Vesaro I Professional Formula
  • Special Edition Simulators
  • Vesaro Commercial




  • Vesaro Flight
  • Vesaro Heli-Sim
  • Vesaro Multi Flight Professional


Our Formula Series utilises a bespoke metal framework and outer fiberglass body to form our 2 stunning offerings.


The 5 Formula Series Systems are as listed:


  • Vesaro Formula V50 Home - ½ Car
  • Vesaro Formula V100 Home - Full Car
  • Vesaro Formula V100 TEN
  • Vesaro Formula V50 Commercial - ½ Car
  • Vesaro Formula V100 Commercial - Full Car


The Vesaro V100 is a spectacle that takes immersion to a new tier. The system is a showpiece with professional training capabilities, as a result of the industry-leading fitted controls and Vesaro’s years of calibration and configuration knowledge and refinements.


The Vesaro V50 takes the essence of the Vesaro V100 and condenses it into a ½ car version that is far more suitable for the majority of spaces.



Our Services 


The service we offer is paramount for our customers and stakeholders, in all stages of sale and post sale. We have dedicated Team members for essential roles, such as Sales, Design & Engineering, Production, Support and Marketing.


We offer the following -


  • Bespoke designs upon request and requirement.
  • On-Site Installation & Training Services
  • 7 days a week support
  • Worldwide shipping


Private Clientele


Our private customers look to us for their home simulations for 5 key reasons:


  • Functionality
  • Design
  • Entertainment
  • Service
  • Support




We have been producing Racing & Flight solutions since 2011, which has enabled us to aggregate a pool of knowledge and experience in the past 13 years. This is demonstrated in the setup and configuration of our systems, which are specified with cherry-picked components and dialed into a standard that yields incredible feedback from our customers.


We primarily see our systems being purchased for their compelling training capacity, enabling our customers to train accurately in the comfort of their home, office or garage for upcoming races around the world.




The design ethos of Vesaro has remained the same since its inception - evolving over the years to the current offering that can be seen today. The classy yet striking visuals are deceptive in their presentation, as what you see is the entirety of the system - no hidden PCs or power units behind the scenes, simply a full solution in a stunning and condensed package.




Whether you are an avid racing fan with experience out on the track or someone who does not even possess a drivers license, incredibly engaging fun and excitement can be derived from our systems with the whole family.




A white glove service is provided from the point of first outreach to years after the customer has received their system(s).




7 days a week lifetime support is provided to all customers, serviced by a dedicated in-house Support Team.


Commercial Clientel


Our systems are highly sought after in the commercial space, due to the undeniable attention that they are able to garner in both crowded public events and in private commercial settings, and the strong and reliable design that has been refined over the past 13 years.


We have sold systems to and worked with a vast number of small, medium and large corporations since 2011, for various use cases and applications. These have often required us to create bespoke systems with case-specific functions in both the hardware and software.



Our systems start at £11,15.00 and can be customised and configured to be £150,000.00 +