Vesaro Event Solutions

Vesaro offer high end experiential marketing solutions providing cutting edge entertainment solutions that will make your company and brand the talk of the show. Our solutions include standalone simulator hire with on-site technical support and professional show staff. We have provided successful events for some of the worlds biggest brands including LG, Monster Energy, Codemasters, Virgin Media, Hi-Sense, Force India and Jaguar.

Experiential Marketing, The Vesaro way...


Ok, so why choose Vesaro to handle your event, there is only one chance to get it right and so much is invested, you cant delay an event if something goes wrong. We are not a traditional event company, As the manufacturer of the product we are putting our reputation on the line every time we put our product on a show-floor, as a result you won't find a typical run down, warn and often out of date simulator, often used by traditional event companies that made an initial investment in a simulator and need to work it off, we bring our top of the line showroom models which are constantly updated and in immaculate condition, they have to be, because we are not only showcasing our products in a public arena but we are supporting you brand at the same time.


In addition to the equipment we bring for turnkey solutions we send our best technicians who actually build the simulators, meaning the best possible person is on hand on the rare occasion that an issue may arise. For standalone simulator hire all of simulators are prepped ready to go out of the box and our support technicians will be on hand to offer any advice or assistance. Vesaro also offer full entertainment staff to man the simulator, competitions and assist with the brand experience on offer, including professional models should you wish to add some glamour to the proceedings.

Hisense at CES Las Vegas


Lewis Hamilton with Monster Energy at Le Mans


Grid 2 with Codemasters & Virgin Media at Eurogamer Expo


Sim Expo at the Nurburgring

Jaguar at the Skills Show

Solihull Aerospace Engineering

LG 4K demo at the Gadget Show

Force India Paddock Club at the Formula One Grand Prix Silverstone


The Yacht, Jet and Supercar Show


LG Formula One experience at the Gadget Show