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Vesaro Customer Support
We are fanatical about support, that is our promise to you. We've built a system that will grow and change with you, with the understanding that if you need our help, we will be there, 7 days a week

Vesaro - Fanatical support

Vesaro products are built around a commercial grade industrial strength framework and our PC's use industry leading components built in house by our expert team of technicians. We believe in our products and we also believe in providing the highest level of support should the need arise.


Manufactured and assembled in the UK and built to world class british engineering standards, with a dedicated and passionate team of technicians and quality control inspectors helping to ensure the final product is delivered to the highest standard.


We are so confident in the construction of our framework that every system comes with a 10 year chassis warranty and our electronics come with a 2 year warranty. In addition we are proud to offer a 2 Year commercial use warranty on our commecial line of simulators.


All of our PC's are built in house at our facility, designed specifically for our simulators with carefully selected components optimized for simulation. Every new Vesaro PC comes with a full image restore backup allwoing you to rest your system back to the day it was delivered in a few easy clicks.


Should you require some assistance our team can remote login to your PC and identify and fix any issue that may arise. You will be in the hands of professionals, our support engineers build our simulators and PC's and are not reading from flow chart scripts, and yes they have the time to build the simulators and provide support as for Vesaro, support calls are occasional and not a day to day occurance that requires full time staff. This is why you can also ring straight through to our support line and have someone pickup without any waiting.


Telephone support 7 days a week


Support Line 1

+44 1622 541 621

Support Line 2

+44 7874 6509 07

Support Email

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Quality and Support Features

  • Industrial strength chassis

  • Industry leading Vesaro PC components

  • Remote Vesaro PC login assistance

  • Vesaro PC image backup and restore

  • In house built PC's, in house PC technicians and in-house PC support

  • Seats custom made by world class seat maker Cobra to the highest standards, Fire Rated and using ultra durable materials

  • 10 Year Chassis warranty

  • 2 Year electronics warranty

"Vesaro isnt like other companies that sell you a product once or maybe twice and bolt on a support service as a neccessity, the very nature of the Vesaro system with its ability to upgrade the over time means that the most important thing is to look after the customer, otherwise we would never want to continue upgrading the rig. Once I got my head around this I realised that I didnt need to worry about whether i would get support, of course I would, its core to the whole concept of a modular upgradable system"