Vesaro Sim Centre Formula Tier 3

A complete Sim-Centre solutions which allows you to network multiple simulators together for multiplayer racing.

The control station enables you to control all of the simulators in your centre from a single computer, with a click of the button you can prepare all simulators for the race, setup the track choice, car and race conditions.  

You will have full control over all aspects of the race length and difficulty settings as well as the ability to have multiple sessions running at the same time, for example you could have a race with two people taking place while a separate race with three other people was happening, or solo racers while others are in a group race.
The separate leader board display shows the session timings and overall race results.
The separate race display shows the race in progress from multiple camera angles giving by standers a live coverage view of the action.

Includes full on-site installation and training anywhere in the world.
    Venue Management Systems and On-Site Install &Training
    Venue Management System + Leaderboard Display + On-site Install & Training
Total: £24,585.00