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On Site Setup - Additional Rigs for Bulk purchase

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On-site installation of your vesaro simulator - International. Click the "Details" button to read the full information on this service before proceeding. For countries which we are not able to visit we offer training programmes at Vesaro HQ in the UK.
Price: £750.00
On Site Setup - Additional Rigs for Bulk purchase
On Site Setup - Additional Rigs for Bulk purchase
Product Details

For Private Home Customers and Commercial Customers.

Our team will complete the on-site installation of each additional simulator in a bulk order On-Site install.  When purchased with one of the base On-Site Install and training packages you can choose to have each additional simulator setup on-site in your desired location, handling complete management of all cables to ensure a clean install.  We will handle full optimization of all systems.

If you have chosen a self assembly system then the simulator must be fully assembled prior to our team arriving.  Our team will then complete final setup only, including connection and Alignment of TV's, connection of the various control systems, TV's, Tactile Feedback and Audio to the PC, optimization of all systems.  Once the system is signed off as configured to Vesaro standards our team will provide on-site training on operation of the simulator.

Detailed info of the procedure:

Includes all international travel and accommodation expenses for our  team.

Will take approx 4 hours per simulator.

As part of the install we would safely unpack the simulator and all components from the wooden shipping crate and clear packing materials to a suitable location, transport the simulator to its desired location within the same property/facility where the crate is stored, position simulator lowering onto motion cups, move Triple Display Stand into place and open outer arms, position simulator into correct position into relation to the Triple Display Stand, locate cable management system through the stand, mount the three TV's onto the stand and adjust to perfectly align the screens into triple formation.  We will then place the PC into position as well as the audio sub and tactile feedback system amp, next we will connect the TV's to the PC, power for the TV's, connect the audio speakers, tactile feedback, pc power, and main power tower.  We will then tidy all of the cable management to ensure a clean install and fine tune the position of all elements of the simulator.  Next we will configure the PC to connect to the internet and test all included games, we will fine tune the motion for all games to perfectly suit the floor surface and environment.  Next we will complete an environment sound test and set the optimum sound levels and matching Tactile feedback levels.

Terms & Conditions

Standard price for on-site installation includes Installation to ground floor location and have minimum doorway access of 850mm Width.

If the following is applicable to you:

A) The simulator needs to be installed on a second or higher floor or in a basement and/or:

then we would be required to send a four man team instead of two in order to safely transport the simulator down/up the stair. If this condition applies then there will be an additional fee of £2000 GBP payable in advance to facilitate the additional staffing and associated costs required.
Alternatively on the day of installation you may provide 2 additional able bodied men to assist our two man team in transporting the simulator down/upstairs, no additional fee will apply in this scenario.

B) The simulator cannot fit through a doorway or passage/stairway:

we may need to partially or fully dismantle the simulator in order to fit through the doorway/s or passage/stairway and re-assembly at the final location. If this condition applies then there will be an additional fee of £1000 GBP payable in advance to facilitate the additional time and associated costs required.

If both conditions A & B apply then a total additional fee of £3000 will apply.

Fee costs exclude any VAT where applicable

You are required to notify us at the point of purchase of any of these conditions in order for us to successfully complete the on-site installation.
Training Service
Training will take place on the first and same day as the installation, once installation is complete yourself or a member of your staff should make yourself available to receive training.  If you are not available to receive training on this day should you wish to still receive training at another time a new On-site install & Training will need to be purchased.  Should you be able to receive training on the following day please notify our team who will investigate if they are able to extend there stay, ie flights and accommodation, to enable training to take place on the following day, in this scenario an additional fee of £2000 will apply.