SKU: 902
Vesaro Racing Simulator Self Assembly Kit, designed for use with your existing console or PC, Audio and Display or choose to upgrade over time. This setup is designed for customers who dont yet have a control system or rig but want to utilize their existing console/PC and home audio and TV system.
Standard Features
Chassis: Vesaro I Chassis
Chassis Gearstick Control Arms: Vesaro I Chassis Gearstick control arm - Right Hand Side
Seats: Vesaro Signature Cobra Monoco Pro
Level 1 - Thrustmaster Racing Control Kits: Thrustmaster T300RS
Gearsticks: TH8A shifter + Cable Extention Kit
Assembly Type: Self Assembly
Vesaro Support: Vesaro Free Support
Price: £1,579.00
Vesaro I Gamer Stage 2
Vesaro I Gamer Stage 2