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Vesaro Racing Simulator Self Assembly Kit. This package comes with everything needed to start racing and comes with a comprehensive audio and tactile feedback system featuring a 5.1 THX Surround sound audio system with separate subwoofer and a powerful Tactile Feedback system utilizing a Buttkicker Advance transducer. Based around the ultra high strength industrial grade Vesaro I modular frame, the simulator will arrive in a kit form ready to assembly and includes assembly instructions and a tool kit. The simulator includes a 27 inch display, Playstation 4 with racing game, force feedback controls with paddle shifters and seperate H Pattern Shifter, a Genuine Cobra racing seat, Rig Mounted Display bracket system, Cable and Adaptor Kit Single Display and a TFS Electronics kit.
Standard Features
Chassis: Vesaro I Chassis
Chassis Gearstick Control Arms: Vesaro I Chassis Gearstick control arm - Right Hand Side
Seats: Vesaro Signature Cobra Monoco Pro
Audio: Audio System - 5.1 THX Surround Sound
Tactile Feedback: Tactile Feedback System
Level 1 - Thrustmaster Racing Control Kits: Thrustmaster T300RS
Level 1 - Thrustmaster Racing Control Kit Add-Ons: T3PA Pedals
Gearsticks: TH8A shifter + Cable Extention Kit
Consoles: Console PS4 Pro
Console PS4 Racing Software - Personal Use: Software - Personal Use - Drive Club
Console PS4 Racing Software - Personal Use: Software - Personal Use - Project Cars 2
Accessories: Cable And Adaptor Kit - Single Display Stand
Accessories: Power Kit
Accessories: Tactile Feedback System Electronics Kit (PC)
Single Display Stands: Rig Mounted Display Bracket
Single Display Screens - HD Flat: Single Display Screen 27 Inch - Level 1
Assembly Type: Self Assembly
Vesaro Support: Vesaro Free Support
Price: £4,136.00
Vesaro I Gamer Stage 4
Vesaro I Gamer Stage 4