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Vesaro Formula V100 Stage 1 Formula racing simulator with full motion and a triple 55 inch display setup. Features dynamic suspension, 2 actuator 1.5 Inch D-BOX motion system with a seat belt G-Force tension system and professional racing controls with our Pro Controls V-Spec force feedback system and formula wheel with integrated colour screen
Standard Features
Chassis: Vesaro Formula V100 Chassis - Full Size Car
Audio: Integrated Audio System - 2.1 Speaker On-Board Audio
Motion Systems: Vesaro Dual Motion 1.5
Seat Belt Systems: Seat Belt G-Force Tensioner System with 4 Point Racing Harness (Formula Edition)
Pedals - F: Pro Controls V-Spec Formula Hydraulic Pedals
Pro Controls V-Spec Wheel Base - Simucube: Pro Controls Wheel Base V-Spec - Simucube Pro
Pro Controls V-Spec Wheel Rims: Pro Controls V-Spec Formula Extreme
Pro Controls V-Spec Wheel Rims: Pro Controls V-Spec Formula Extreme Wheel Quick Release Hub
Vesaro PC Systems: Vesaro PC Level 2
PC Racing Software - Personal Use: Software - Personal Use - Assetto Corsa
Accessories: Cable And Adaptor Kit - Triple Display Stand
Accessories: Power Kit
Accessories: Combined Event Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Triple Display Stands: Triple Display Stand Plus
Triple Display Screens: Triple Display Screen 55 Inch
UPS Backup: UPS Backup - Main simulator
Assembly Type: Plug and Play Factory Assembly
Shipping Transport Crates: Wooden Shipping Crate - Formula Full Car
Vesaro Support: Vesaro Free Support
Price: £103,256.00
Vesaro Formula V100 Home Stage 1
Vesaro Formula V100 Home Stage 1
Product Details
- Authentic reproduction of a full Formula 1 car, 1:1 scale
- Self supporting fiber glass monocoque with an aluminium base
- Electric adjustable pedals
- Dynamic suspension
- D-BOX Motion physics system
- Seat Belt G-Force Tensioner system
- Tactile Feedback system
- Formula 1 replica wheels and tyres
- Removable front end for pedals maintenance
- Removable rear end to access on-board audio and control components.
- Custom built Vesaro PC
- 2 Year warranty
- 7 days per week phone support, remote login support, video support

These stunning simulators are ideal for specific formula style training, commercial entertainment such as sim Centres, Arcades or Theme Parks or as the ultimate simulation showpiece for your home.

A 1:1 scale formula style simulator with wraparound display or configure with optional VR headset. 

Livery Options - the formula range come as standard with the Vesaro black and yellow livery but can be customized to suit your requirements with custom paint or full vinyl wraps.

Electric Pedals - the pedals can be easily adjusted with buttons inside the cockpit to suit different height people with a smooth electric operation.

Dynamic Suspension - This unique system provides the most authentic visual representation of a real world formula car, the wheel stay static on the ground and the body is moved by the D-BOX motion system with fully working linkage suspension arms just like the real cars.  Normally this type of product is simply mounted onto a platform and then the platform is moved which takes away from the authenticity of the experience.  When you walk up to to the simulator it sits on the ground like the real thing and you climb in as you would the real car, no platform to climb up onto.  Its as authentic as it gets.

Unboxed dimensions:

Length : 488 cm
Width :  295 cm
Height :  118-136 cm

Power Requirements

2 x Standard 13 amp Household Plug Socket

Internet Requirements

An internet connection is required for online multiplayer racing and to allow Vesaro to provide remote PC login support

No internet connection is required for offline Solo racing or against the computer controlled AI