On Site Support Call out - International

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On Site Support Call out - International
Price: £4,410.00
On Site Support Call out - International
On Site Support Call out - International
Product Details

On site call out fee for International visits (countries other than UK)

Our engineer will attempt to resolve your issue on site.  If this is not possible and a part needs to be changed then the engineer will remove the part to be returned to Vesaro for repair/replace.  If item is still under warranty there will be no charge for replacement parts or repair.  For parts no longer in warranty we will provide a separate quote for replacement or repair.  Upon approval from yourself to proceed and full receipt of payment we can either ship the part to you to be fitted by yourself or you can book and pay for another On site call out in order to complete the work to fit the new or repaired part.

During any callout once the engineer has completed the task that the call out was booked for you may request the engineers advice and help to assist you with anything you else related to your simulator.  The engineers time is limited to 7 hours in the same one day period of the callout.

Available for existing Vesaro customers only.

Includes all expenses , ie travel, accommodation, for our engineer.  

Additional fee of £950 per day will be charged should you wish to have the engineer stay for longer to deal with additional support issues(extension possible depending on availability).  Additional fee will include all expenses costs for our engineer.

Price is for a single technician, please purchase two of this product if two technicians are required for a particular job (Please speak to our support team in advance)