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Remote Software Setup

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Remote software setup and optimization.
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Remote Software Setup
Remote Software Setup
Product Details

For Private Home Customers and Commercial Customers.

Our team will complete remote software setup of separately purchased software.  To include:

Motion setup(where relevant)
Controls configuration
Graphics setup
VR Setup(where relevant)

Upon purchase contact our support team to arrange a remote session.  this may need to take place at a seperate time or day depending on when you complete the purchase and our team will notify you of this at the time. 

During the first session we will install the software and start the download.  Depending on your internet speed it is likely that the download will take several hours and a second remote session will need to take place the following day or at a time convenient to you.

During the final session we will require you to be present at the simulator to assist our technician with assigning the controls as a physical input is required for this part of the process.

Once the technician has setup the motion, graphics and force feedback settings they will ask you to test and feedback any adjustments that you would like to make.  For example increasing or decreasing the motion intensity, increasing or decreasing the force feedback level and optimizing the graphics, for example if the frame rate is not smooth.