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After 10 years of designing and manufacturing industry leading racing simulators, we at Vesaro knew that something special was required to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of our products, thus, the Vesaro TEN was born, the ultimate virtual driving tool.

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Price: £105,095.00
Vesaro TEN
Vesaro TEN
Vesaro TEN
Vesaro TEN
Vesaro TEN
Vesaro TEN
Vesaro TEN
Vesaro TEN
Vesaro TEN
Vesaro TEN
Vesaro TEN
Vesaro TEN
Vesaro TEN
Vesaro TEN
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Product Details

After 10 years of designing and manufacturing industry leading racing simulators, we at Vesaro knew that something special was required to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of our products, thus, the Vesaro TEN was born, the ultimate virtual driving tool.

Over the past ten years, we've had the fortune to design and develop our simulators with an extensive range of hardware and software, positioning us to create the perfect combination
for drivers that require nothing but the best solution for their professional training. 

The Vesaro TEN is based on our iconic modular chassis that has widely been known as the leading platform for simulation over the past decade. Every package also includes a complete suite of cutting edge Professional grade racing controls designed to provide ultimate precision and realism. We have also included several features in our 10th anniversary package that have never been seen before. 

Get the competitive edge over your rivals with the Vesaro TEN.


Featuring :

Vesaro I Chassis

Full steel construction chassis with complete modular architecture, offering a reliable and versatile framework for the simulator.

10th Anniversary Styling Package

10 exclusive styling kit comprised of sleek gold accents and highlights to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Vesaro.

Recaro Podium Racing Seat 

Full carbon fibre racing seat designed and manufactured by Recaro.

Revolutionary seat which boasts the lightest motorsport seat weight in its class, carbon fibre reinforced plastic making it super resilient as well as being ultra light weight.  Recaro have invested a lot of research and development into making the Podium seat a very comfortable place to sit and the result of this is it is the first ever shell seat to obtain the seal of approval from the German campaign for healthier backs (AGR e. V). Body hugging contours with firm seat pads and deep side bolsters provide high levels of support and reduced fatigue.  The pads are specially contoured to fit the body shape and the recesses between the pads allow for airflow to regulate body temperature and reduce perspiration.

Quad Motion 6.0 

Four actuator D-BOX haptic platform offering six inches of pitch, roll and heave movements, as well as reactive tactile feedback. 

Seat Belt G-Force System 

Integrated four-point harness on a progressive tensioner system that provides dynamic compression to the driver upon braking.

Integrated 5 Speaker Audio System 

Seamlessly integrated audio system with a powerful under seat Alpine subwoofer, digital amplifier and four surround sound satellite speakers.

Pro Controls Wheel Base Ultimate 

Direct drive wheelbase with up-to 32NM of active torque output and a steering resolution of up-to 16 million counts per turn.

Pro Controls Wheel Rim GT3 Wireless 

Professional motorsport grade flat-bottom steering rim with a multitude of configurable dials; pushbuttons and magnetic carbon fibre paddle shifters.

Data Display Unit 

Full colour multi-function heads up display, providing the driver with vital telemetry data on the fly.

Pro Controls Hydraulic Pedals 

Three pedal system including an accelerator, brake and clutch with adjustable hydraulic dampers to simulate real pedal feel.

Pro Controls Sequential Shifter

Compact sequential gear shifter giving a tactile response for every upshift and downshift.

On-Board Manager + Control Pad 

On-board manager control deck allowing effortless navigation and operation of the entire simulator from one panel.

V-BOX Data Pack 

On-board data telemetry display providing sector mapping of real-world tracks, alongside user input data and highly accurate lap timing.

On-Board PC Ultimate

Cutting edge computer system built with the most powerful gaming components available.

Triple 65 inch OLED Gaming Displays

Complete 225 inch wraparound display sporting three 120p G-Sync panels

Heads-up Display

An overarching fourth monitor that sits above the centre screen to provide live car and track data to the driver in real-time.

Varjo Aero VR Headset

An professional grade interchangeable display option from the wraparound screens that transports you into the virtual car in-game, radically transforming the users immersion.

  • Dual mini-LED displays with 35 ppd peak fidelity, 150 nits of brightness, and a 115° field of view for stunning edge-to-edge clarity.
  • Crystal-clear, variable resolution, aspheric lenses offering a massive step-up in visual fidelity over consumer-grade Fresnel optics.
  • Automatic IPD adjustment and ultra-fast, built-in eye-tracking at 200 Hz for a tailored, optimal experience to every user, every time.
  • Premium lightweight comfort with a 3-point precision fit headband, active cooling, and optimized ergonomics for long-duration usage.

Dynamic LED Lighting Kit 

Under chassis lighting kit with a fully adjustable colour range to illuminate the cockpit.

Racing Software Suite 

Complete suite of racing software to suit all driving disciplines and provide access to hundreds of cars and tracks.

UPS Backup

Uninterruptable Power Supply system to protect key components

Plug and Play Factory Assembly 

Complete factory assembled solution

*Optional on-site installation available anywhere in the world. (Travel Dependent due to current Pandemic)

Fanatical Support 

Two-year product gaurantee with 7 days per week technical support and remote login assistance.

- Full suite of racing software includes:

- Iracing - Full content package all tracks & cars

- Assetto Corsa - Full content package all tracks & cars

- Assetto Corsa Competizione

- Automobilista 2

- Dirt Rally 2

- F1 2022


Special Edition Vesaro TEN professional simulator designed for private or home customers requiring the ultimate high end Motorsport grade quality components.

The simulator comes Plug and Play factory assembled by default and includes a professional grade direct drive steering force feedback system that is designed for the ultimate in authenticity and realism and offering direct feedback of the cars steering system, road texture and general forces. 

The simulator includes our custom built Vesaro PC which uses only the best cherry picked components for optimal simulation performance.  All Vesaro PC's are built in house by the same technicians building the simulator ensuring that everything seamlessly ties together for a complete unified solution and utilising our own custom Vesaro PC case design specifically designed for our simulators.

The simulator features an authentic GT style driving position with raised pedal position and angled seat by utilizing the GT seat conversion system.

Base on our commercial strength framework with adjustable pedals height and position using a quick release system.  Adjustable seat position and adjustable height and angle.

The simulator includes a professional carbon Motorsport grade racing seat made by seat manufacturer Recaro.

Vesaro on-board audio provides a clean setup with high quality on board components including an Alpine low profile subwoofer located under the seat and a vibe amplifier powering the 4 satellite speakers.

The Simulator comes with a 2 Year warranty and is backed up by our free remote login support and 7 days per week free phone and email support. 
3 x Standard 13 amp Household Plug Socket per simulator

110v or 220v (Vesaro will provide correct solution based upon the location of your Sim Centre)

No special industrial or commercial power requirements are needed for this simulator.
An internet connection is required for online multiplayer racing and to allow Vesaro to provide remote PC login support

No internet connection is required for offline Solo racing or against the computer controlled AI
When setup for use:

Length - 268cm (rear of seat to back of display stand)

Width - 343cm (plus or minus from this average width depending upon outer screen angle you prefer)

Height - 148cm