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Weight: 50 kg
Vesaro Free-Standing Leaderboard with 10 dedicated position slots for magnetic whiteboard strips, a quick-release Keyboard and Mouse Tray & 3 of our Wheel Showcase Mounts
Price: £350.00
Vesaro Free-Standing Leaderboard
Vesaro Free-Standing Leaderboard
Product Details

Our Vesaro Free-Standing Leaderboard offers private and commercial users alike the ability to increase engagement, convenience and visual presence of their Vesaro System with a single solution addition.

The Vesaro Free-Standing Leaderboard elevates any session with 2 or more participants and encourages competition. Introducing a visual reference for the best times achieved in a tangible form greatly increases the excitement and competitiveness of the users.

10 dedicated and marked ranking spots line the upper portion of our Free-Standing Leaderboard, allowing 10 users the opportunity to get their name immortalised. The white magnetic strips, erasable pens and whiteboard rubber can be stored in the rear of the unit, maintaining tidiness when used in the home, office or event space. This built-in storage capability also serves as a great way to contain these essential loose items when moving the Leaderboard between locations.

Below the 10 dedicated ranking spots is a quick-release Keyboard and Mouse Tray, designed to house our go-to Combined Event Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. This tray was built specifically for the all-in-1 keyboard and mouse we offer, allowing the user to store the keyboard and mouse when not in use at the perfect height, where it is out of the reach of children.

Below the Keyboard and Mouse tray are 3 of our Wheel Showcase Mounts. These mounts have been designed to be used effortlessly with the quick-release attached to the rear of Vesaro wheel rims, allowing for swift switches between Vesaro simulators and the Free-Standing Leaderboard. When attached to the Leaderboard, the wheel rims are exhibited to observers, serving as both a functional storage space for additional wheels rims and as showpieces.